Cowboy's Dream Ranch
CDR Riddle Me This (aka "Riddler")                              2018 Smokey Black Stallion
Sire: Th Colonel Coyote x Freckles Cowboy Gold x Colonel Freckles
Dam: RF Classic Valentina x Kids Classic Style x Kid Clu
Born: January 31, 2018

Cowboy's Dream Ranch now welcomes our 1st performance halter baby of this year.  We are so
pleased on how he turned out.  He is going to be a head turner in the show arena.  We wish Dawn
luck in the up coming year with him.
Riddler at 2 weeks old
Riddler at 2 months old
Riddler at 2.5 months old
(April 11 2018)
4 months old (May 29 2018)
4.5 months old (June 11 2018)
6 months old (Aug 6 2018)
1st Show (10/27/18) - 9 months old
Received 2 1st place winnings and a 4th
place.  What a great job.
10 months old (12/3/18)
Riddler's 3rd show (BCQHA Jan 12 2019)
Won 2nd in Amateur and Open Yearlings
Stallions under all 6 judges.  
San Antonio Stock Show (Feb 23, 2019)
Won 1st in both Amateur and Open Halter
Yearling Stallions and Grand Champion